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Taiko is healing to me because it engages my mind and body... my spirit is enkindled by the sound and rhythm of the drums.


Upcoming Performances

Synaptic Supercolider - Burlngton, VT

Tickets are now on sale for Synaptic Supercollider, a new Conference and Festival for Innovators and Artists happening October 15-17 in Burlington, Vermont. There are some fantastic speakers such as Alan Newman, Eva Sollberger & Kyle Clark. And some mind-expanding artistic performances including us (Burlington Taiko), and an indie film titled Night Sweats.

There only 240 spots, so mark your calendar to be a part of this fresh, new festival of thought.

October 16, 2021 2PM


Past Performances — 2021 Schedule


Barnard Academy, Barnard, VT (2/5/2021)


Putney Central School, Putney, VT (04/08/21)