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I have become more patient with myself, realizing that worthwhile learning experiences take time, focus, concentration, and above all, patience.


Upcoming Performances


Past Performances — 2020 Schedule


Dartmouth HopStop, Hanover, NH (1/25/2020)

West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts, Claremount, NH (01/25/2020)


Ice on Fire, Montpellier, VT (2/2/2020)

Two-Moon Parade, Oakledge Park, Burlington, VT (2/9/2020)

NOFA Children's Conference, Burlington, VT (2/15/2020)

East Coast Taiko Conference, Mansfield, CT (2/21/2020)


Bernice A Ray Elementary School, Hanover, NH (03/06020)

Fisher School, Arlington, VT (03/06020)

Adirondack Global Arts Festival, Lake Placid, NY (3/7/2020)

Robinson Elementary School, Starksboro, VT (3/17/20)

Northern Vermont University, Lyndon, VT (3/25/2020)